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August 13, 2012

I challenge you to a Bottle of Wits! #MovieGeek

Bottle Of WitsYeah, you read that right:  a Bottle of Wits!  As if I didn't already love the Alamo Drafthouse more than is reasonably healthy, Tim League went and made a special deal to be able to offer these Bottles of Wits.

Wits comes in As you Wish White and Inconceivable Cab.  If you somehow aren't already a huge Princess Bride fan, this is a reference to the Battle of Wits that occurs after the protagonist inconceivably overcomes a few major obstacles. The Battle involved the drinking of wine thus making these Bottles of Wits an awesomely-appropriate tie-in.

The Alamo Drafthouse is selling this specialty line in celebration of the movie's 25th anniversary.  Bottled Wits start at $28 and range up to $100 for a two-bottle "fan pack" with a t-shirt and wine glass charms.  Is $28 wine not your thing?  You can also get just a t-shirt or just the you wish.

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