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March 9, 2015

$35 generic or $350 Apple Watch? #GadgetGeek

UPDATE 11/1/2015: The generic U8 watch outlined in this post is now available for under $15 from some online sources. Quite a bargain!

Today Apple unveiled prices for its initial smartwatch offerings.  With the most basic model starting at $350, a common question will be, "Is it worth it for me?"  You may have interest but can't stomach the idea of spending $350 to possibly discover that you don't like using a smartwatch no matter how good it may be.

If you'd prefer to test the smartwatch waters without making a big initial investment, consider this: a touchscreen smartwatch that lets you make and receive calls, check text messages, boasts a battery life more than three times longer (estimated) than the Apple Watch but sells for only 1/10th the price.

I've recently been evaluating just such a device -- read about it below -- and the positive experience has heightened my interest in the more advanced (read: costly) smartwatch options from the likes of Samsung and Apple...