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June 26, 2014

Windows Clipboard: Remove Trailing Space #WindowsGeek

It seems I can barely go more than a week or two without encountering a certain windows-related copy-and-paste issue.  The issue? Unwanted trailing spaces.  The culprit?  Windows' rendering for text highlighting.

Figure 1 -- It's hard to tell if your highlighted text
includes an unwanted training space.
When highlighting text to copy, Windows will sometimes include a trailing blank space character as part of your selection if one happens to follow the last word selected.  When this does happen it is often impossible to spot (see Figure 1).

This issue is especially nefarious when it comes to troubleshooting:  a typical visual check won't catch text that includes a trailing space versus the expected value (no trailing space).

What to do?  Windows' clipboard is simply performing the one simple task it was created to do.  We can't make the Windows clipboard smarter but we can substitute in a smarter option...

June 8, 2014

TIP: Clear DNN Cache #DotNetNukeGeek

Have you found yourself needing to programatically clear DotNetNuke (DNN) cache but were dismayed to discover newer DNN versions no longer rely on an easily-cleared cookie?

Here's a simple option to force the cache to clear...