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January 26, 2012

Did Symantec really just send me that?!? #SecurityGeek

Yesterday the usual unwelcome snail-mail spam included an envelope with a letter and ad slick from Symantec.  I barely even glanced at the slick but was immediately struck by the opening of the letter.  Its contents triggered three "red flags" in my mind even before the start of the first sentence.  Did Symantec, a leading security company, really just lead its marketing pitch with warning signs I often coach users to steer clear of?...

January 16, 2012

New year, new panel (#SpeakingEngagements)

Month one of 2012 and I'm engaged for another small panel event.  This round involves speaking to the marketing group of a leading global tech company although I'm more on the supplemental end of this one rather than being front and center.  This will also be a bit more "under the covers" as I've been asked to sign an NDA and am not allowed to mention the name of the (Fortune 50) company...