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March 7, 2016

eero Day Two-Point-Five #NetworkGeek

As a new eero WiFi mesh network owner I decided to blog my WiFi performance results as I attached each of the three new eero units -- one unit and blog post per day.

Days one and two went well.  Before I could settle in with my third and final eero unit, however, plans went slightly awry...

March 4, 2016

eero Day Two #NetworkGeek

This week I received my new eero mesh network. As I proceed to connect each mesh network node I'm measuring WiFi performance at multiple locations in my house and sharing the experience for the benefit of other potential mesh network adopters.  Today I connected the second of my three eero units.

If you missed my "eero Day One" post click here to open it in a new window.  Read the Day One post then continue below (I'll wait).

My measured WiFi performance jumped dramatically with just a single eero unit compared to my old D-Link 1000 Media Router.  As you would expect, expanding that single eero into a two-node mesh helped even more...

March 3, 2016

eero Day One #NetworkGeek

I anticipate the introduction of new gadgets. I keep an eye on tech news and peruse buzz-generating Kickstarter and GoFundMe campaigns.  I even occasionally bite on investing in something still in the production stages.

In February, 2015, I bought into eero.  eero's product creates a consumer-level mesh WiFi network.  Instead of one wireless router you have multiple wireless access points working together.  This may not sound new and it isn't -- "mesh" has been in the enterprise for many years.  The home consumer, however, has largely been relegated to using wireless repeaters or independent access points (different SSIDs) to expand home WiFi coverage. Mesh is seamless WiFi (one SSID) without the performance loss of repeaters.

In mid-February, 2016, eero began shipping the first units to its early-adopter customers (me).  Because the eero system is not exactly cheap at $200 per unit or $500 for a bundle of three units, I'm documenting my eero experience for the benefit of anyone contemplating an eero mesh network.

Day One:  Setting up eero #1 of 3 (and the difference it made)...