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November 29, 2016

Monoprice mini DJ mixer revealed #AudioGeek represents one of those vendors that "in-the-know" people seem to gravitate to.  Much like PC geeks seem to have on speed dial, wire and cable geeks (yes, that's a thing) know all about Monoprice's basic-but-good offerings.

Over the last several years Monoprice has diversified by slowly expanding beyond wire and cables.  Now you can order up a variety of wire-interconnected gear such as Monoprice-branded speakers, microphones, guitars (!) and audio mixers.

On the point of mixers, I recently happened upon the actual brand behind Monoprice's current "baby" DJ mixer model #614305.  Notably, Monoprice only charges 2/3 the normal retail price...

Owners of the Gemini MM1 will readily recognize Monoprice's mini DJ mixer which boasts the same features, same dimensions, and same number and placement of ports and controls as the MM1:

Gemini MM1
Mini DJ mixer
$50 (link)
Monoprice #61430
Mini DJ mixer
$35 (link)

The Gemini MM1 was released in early 2015.  It is fairly basic -- the manual is only a single page -- but this little cross-fading mixer offers a good bit of functionality for only $50.  Note that Gemini does not have a reputation as a superior-quality brand.  Adequate, perhaps, but not special -- a good example of "you get what you pay for".

If that's true, however, then the Monoprice-branded version of the same item is a steal at only $35.  Entry-level crossfading mixers start in the $50 to $100 range.  A replacement part crossfader control for an inexpensive mixer brand costs $10 by itself.

Although the Gemini MM1 DJ mixer is conveniently available from retailers such as Home Depot (huh?), the Monoprice-branded version will leave you with some extra cash in your pocket for the cables you'll need to connect to the mixer.

Hey - Monoprice is known for selling cables.  How convenient...

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