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March 7, 2016

eero Day Two-Point-Five #NetworkGeek

As a new eero WiFi mesh network owner I decided to blog my WiFi performance results as I attached each of the three new eero units -- one unit and blog post per day.

Days one and two went well.  Before I could settle in with my third and final eero unit, however, plans went slightly awry...

The start of Day Three brought with it a huge network slowdown (before plugging in eero #3):  15% slower uploads and a full 50% slower download rate both on WiFi and hard wire.  What happened?  Did my base eero unit have an issue?  Was Time Warner Cable messing with me?  Well, of course TWC messes with people all the time, but was TWC messing with me specifically?  (I'm just joking... mostly...)  Or perhaps it was somehow the fault of my new unmanaged Cisco switch -- the other new network component in the house.

While I would have preferred to launch into a standard process-of-elimination investigation, my first priority was getting my wife happy.  Quickly.  So I power-cycled everything.  Network performance returned to normal but I had only narrowed the issue down to the cable modem, base eero and new Cisco switch.

The network slowdown manifested two days after installing the first eero and the Cisco switch.  I'm waiting at least that long to see if the issue resurfaces.  After that I'll wrap up with the promised "eero Day Three" post and my final WiFi performance numbers.

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