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October 26, 2014

Know Your City #AustinGeek

This past weekend Saturday Night Live featured a series of parodies based on the recent Matthew McConaughey Lincoln MKZ ads.  The SNL spots were only the latest in a variety of paradies from the likes of Conan O'Brien, Ellen DeGeneres and others.  Unexpectedly, the first SNL spot hit very close to home...

I hadn't paid close attention to the original MKZ ads but was enjoying the SNL parodies when I noticed that the background cityscape looked familiar.  Very familiar.  A sign for exit 234B?  Isn't that the exit for 6th Street?  Then I spotted the brightly-lit crown of the Frost Bank Tower -- just a glimpse but that's all any Austinite really needs.  Based on the tower's position in relation to a certain elevated roadway and some unique "streetlight bars", I knew exactly where the shot was taken.  A quick check with Google Maps' street view confirmed it:

After congratulating myself on my quick eye, I had another thought:  well of course it was Austin since Matthew is from Austin, loves Austin and visits fairly often.  Another Google consult revealed that the ad's Austin backdrop was old news:

August 22nd:

September 4th:

September 5th:

September 8th:

Oh, well.  At least I know a little something about the city's layout even if I'm not exactly up to speed with the city's national advertising exposure.

Maybe I just need to watch a bit more TV.

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