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May 15, 2013

Android Studio - get it here! #DroidGeek

Google excited much of its Android developer base with the announcement of Android Studio which replaces Eclipse as Google's recommended Android IDE.  While there were plenty of news outlets touting this announcement most failed to provide info on where to grab a copy of the new IDE -- probably because Android Studio has not been officially released.  You can, however, get a copy of the "early access preview"...

Here It Is: Android Studio (Early Access Preview)
Ok, right to the point -- here's the link:

Note that, as of this writing, Android Studio is at version "0.1" so it is still very, very "beta".

Launch the EXE installation file and follow the wizard. Done.

Mac OS X:

Open the DMG file and then drag Android Studio into the Applications folder. Done.

Check for recent forks based on your Linux flavor, GIT latest version, CRC check for legitimacy, create a Bash script to.....nah, just kidding!

For Linux just unpack the TAR into an application folder, use a terminal tto navigate to android-studio/bin/ and then execute

Most Obvious Feature
Probably the feature that every developer will first notice and appreciate is the mutiple-screen layout preview.  This allows the dev to immediately see an app's UI simulated across many differently-sized devices at once -- handy!  Having wrangled with targeting differently-sized target devices myself I'm certain that this feature alone would be enough to draw many Eclipse developers over to Android Studio.

Android Studio's mutliple screen layout preview

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