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September 14, 2012

GoDaddy FAIL = SAVINGS #WebHostingGeek

GoDaddy FAIL
GoDaddy didn't quite meet its 99.999% uptime goal this week when technical difficulties affected a huge number of websites and millions of users. Every cloud has a silver lining and this cloud's lining comes in the form of GoDaddy apologies -- apologies backed by hard cash (er, credits).

You don't, however, automatically benefit from GoDaddy's mea culpa credits.  You have to log in and do a bit of manual click labor to reap the downtime rewards...

GoDaddy Apology #1:  
One month credit for any existing plan with at least one hosted site. Nice, but GoDaddy isn't giving away any more than they have to. To claim your credits start by logging in with a special link:

Log into GoDaddy and then click a second link to claim the credits:

You must log in with the special "Apology1" link and then use the
"Click here to redeem" link before GoDaddy awards your credits.
Once you've clicked the redeem link you get a message stating your claimed credits are good for two years towards future purchases:

Claimed credits are good for two years towards future purchases.
( Click the image to see full-size. )

GoDaddy Apology #2:
30% off everything including new purchases and renewals using discount code "Apology4a".  GoDaddy regularly offers renewal discount codes up to 20% so this isn't spectacular but it's not bad, either.  In fact, it just saved me $70 on some of my own pending renewals.

Got a GoDaddy account?  Go get your credits!

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