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January 16, 2012

New year, new panel (#SpeakingEngagements)

Month one of 2012 and I'm engaged for another small panel event.  This round involves speaking to the marketing group of a leading global tech company although I'm more on the supplemental end of this one rather than being front and center.  This will also be a bit more "under the covers" as I've been asked to sign an NDA and am not allowed to mention the name of the (Fortune 50) company...

I love speaking, giving demonstrations, sitting on panels and participating in focus groups. I used to view these activities as me sharing something primarily for others' potential benefit.  What I did not realize is that every event is actually a golden opportunity for *me* to learn something.  If all goes well I learn from others' questions and observations.  If things go awry I learn from my own mistakes.  Most often it's a bit of both.

As usual I'm looking forward to this event as I'm almost certain to learn some interesting somethings.  Hopefully I'll be able to share an insight or two afterwards without worry of treading on the wrong side of that NDA...

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