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July 13, 2011

Get the Bobs before they get you

For the past week I've been looking forward to a quirky happenstance: two IT consultants, at least one of which is named "Bob", were scheduled to visit my workplace this week and interview each person in IT to assess their job function.  If you're thinking "Office Space" then you're on the right track...

Yes, IT consultants were being brought in to interview and assess job functions, a la, "What would you say you do here?"  No, it was not a prelude to layoffs (or so we were told).  Yes, one of the consultants is named "Bob".  No, the other is not also named "Bob" (but that is still what I call him in my head).  The fact that (a) I live and work in Austin and that (b) the first two apartments I lived in as well as (c) the first office complex I worked in all show up in the film meant that I was actually looking forward to being interviewed by two IT consultants just for some sort of nebulous bragging rights.  For days I've been trying to figure out a way to steer the interview to a point where the Bobs would ask me if I physically go to the fax machine...

Alas, yesterday the news came down that the Bobs' services are no longer required.  Apparently the pre-work that was to lead to the interviews did not match up well against what the company was expecting.  In hindsight, it's probably safer to terminate the Bobs before they have a chance to make any final recommendations, layoffs or not.

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