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June 8, 2011

New Kindle = Less Sleep (but not from reading)

This week a school raffle blessed my wife with a new Kindle3 (the nicer variation with 3G and no ads).  This isn't the first time she's done well in the contests of luck department...

The best "win" to date was a trip to London -- including airfare from the US, a hotel in the West End and a chauffeured car between Heathrow and our hotel. We weren't married, yet, but she still allowed me along.  She won the trip by creating a free account on the newly relaunched website of an Austin radio station.  After awarding the prize the radio station announced her name on air so often (for months) that my then-girlfriend became a local semi-celebrity for much of the next year.  For a while I was a semi-semi-celebrity because I dated a semi-celebrity.

The new Kindle is nice, though I confess that, after trying out both units, I prefer the new Nook "Simple Touch" to the new Kindle.  Unfortunately, now that I now have access to a Kindle, I suddenly have the urge to play with Kindle app development.  *sigh*  Guess I'll have to go sign up for the KDK beta program and prepare for additional sleepless nights of discovery and development (a.k.a., "playtime for programmers").

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